Welcome to the Collaborative Robotics Lab (Collab) at Virginia Tech! We create learning and control algorithms for robots that collaborate with people. Our goal is to develop intelligent robots that understand — and are understood by — their human partners. These robots personalize their behavior: continually adapting to what the human wants and proactively helping them to achieve their goals. Overall, our research explores the intersection of human-robot interaction, machine learning, control theory, and cognitive science, with applications in personal, interactive, and assistive robots.

Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest! You can find more information here.


  • Our work won the Best Paper Award at the Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL).
  • MIT Technology Review compiled this article about our work Learning Latent Representations to Influence Multi-Agent Interaction. We'll be presenting more at the Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL).
  • Collab starts at Virginia Tech! You can find us (and our new robots) on the second floor of Goodwin Hall.
  • Our work Shared autonomy with learned latent actions was a Best Student Paper finalist at RSS 2020!
  • We helped organize a workshop on Emergent Behaviors in Human-Robot Systems at RSS 2020. You can watch the panel discussion here.