Welcome to the Collaborative Robotics Lab (Collab) at Virginia Tech! We create learning and control algorithms for robots that collaborate with people. Our goal is to develop intelligent robots that understand — and are understood by — their human partners. These robots personalize their behavior: continually adapting to what the human wants and proactively helping them to achieve their goals. Overall, our research explores the intersection of human-robot interaction, machine learning, and control theory, with applications in personal, interactive, and assistive robots.


  • Congradulations to Shaunak for his journal paper on unified learning from phyiscal interactions.
  • Welcome to our two new students - Maya and Bala!
  • Collab is at ICRA 2023! Check out our workshop here as well as exciting talks by Shahab, Soheil, and James.
  • We are hosting a workshop on communicating robot learning at ICRA 2023. Applications are open for presentations and travel grants! See details here.
  • RISO grippers will be at RoboSoft 2023. Congradulations to Shaunak, Yeunhee, and Joshua for this collaborative research with the Soft Materials and Structures Lab at Virginia Tech!